ANNIHILATION Author’s Thoughts on Film Adaptation

Don Kaye wrote up a great interview that he had with author Jeff Vandermeer about what it was like having his book, Annihilation, adapted to film by Alex Garland. Annihilation hits theaters today.


I always thought it could be adapted, in part because there are all these decisions the characters make along the way, and you just have to map those decisions. If you just bullet point those decisions, which are then embedded in an almost unreliable first person narrator, then you begin to see what the beats of a movie would be. My earlier books were much more surreal and fantastical. I feel they posed greater logistical issues, in terms of, “How many special effects are we going to need?” All kinds of things like that. I did feel like the Southern Reach books were more amenable to adaptation potentially, because of that.


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